Cat Collar (Safety Elastic)

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Our cat collars speak to those forgotten cat owners tired of boring cat collars. We know that your collars traditionally look like afterthoughts on that collar rack. No more. Our handcrafted lightweight cat collars in either suede or light weight leather are beautiful and fun and can be had in a rainbow of colors to express those alpha cat personalities.

Go the extra step and decorate them with our multitude of decorations to really step up their game.

Key features:

  • Integrated safety elastic near the buckle so cats can have a quick getaway when they find themselves in trouble
  • Collars are one size and measure 12” including the elastic with 4 holes for adjustment.
  • Collars can be trimmed with a scissor if they have too much leftover.
  • Available decorated or plain with 2-3 small decorations.
  • Available in suede or light weight leather – consult color chart
  • Lightweight silver finish buckle and “d” ring for those all important ID tags.