Our old school leather dog collars, like the ones your parents talked about back in the day. Leather collars that will age beautifully and get that broken in patina that you can tell stories about but remain strong and soft even after years of wear. We hand craft 17 steps in our shop to take the leather from a hide to your beautiful creation. Nothing is left unfinished- heavy oiled full grain leather with beveled rounded edges and soft pointed ends. We hand edge dye every cut so that nothing looks rushed or unfinished. Let that vintage look come from wear not by skipping any steps in our craft.

Key features:

Single ply full grain leather so it ages beautifully- no 2 weird pieces sewn together Will be stiffer at the start but just working it in your hands for a bit will soften it up and it will continue to soften and get more beautiful with age. Great for people who need an activity while watching TV- remember how you did that with your baseball glove? Colors will darken with age but get that beautiful patina that good leather gets. Every collar tells that story.

Collars are measured end to end of material not including buckles. Measure your dog’s neck for accurate sizing, don’t use another collar and consult our size chart

Pairs beautifully with our hydro or leather leashes