Orange Hydro Leash

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Dirty dogs have dirty leashes- not anymore.. Our waterproof, stink proof hydro leashes clean like a dream and so let those leashes drag in the muck. Soft on your hand (no nylon burn), these leashes are bright, vegan, strong and clean up with a damp cloth and come in a rainbow of colors.

*Registered Biothane*

Key features

  • Available plain or decorated ( decorations come at the handle and the snap not through the leash- we don’t want you to hurt your hands!)
  • Soft beveled finished edge- grooved to look pretty.
  • Coated webbing so it’s as strong as your worst puller.
  • Available in ½”, ¾”, 1”
  • Available in 4ft ( 48”) or 6ft ( 72”) . Special lengths- just contact us.
  • Swivel bolt snap to attach the leash to the collar.
  • Shiny, saturated color because we love shiny.
  • Cleans with a damp cloth and some mild soap if really filthy. Air dry.