Leather Slip N Go

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The Slip N Go is a terrific, no buckle, head halter style training tool. The Slip N Go is adjustable, easy to install and corrects from the back of the neck to alleviate any cervical spine issues.

For those familiar with a halti type of device, this one corrects from the back of the neck, not under the chin. And no buckles!

Available in 3 sizes- small (mini poodle. schnauzer approx. 15-20lbs) Medium ( border collie, spaniels) Large ( shepherd, labs, rottweiler) Ask for custom sizes. 


Tired of being dragged all over town? Complicated head halters are a thing of the past with our Slip n go. You slip it on and away you go. No buckles to adjust, no smelly nylon that rubs away the hair on that sensitive kissable nose.

Our Slip n go corrects your dog from pulling in a proper physiological way that makes sense to your dog’s body and mind. Does not pull your dog off his trajectory putting stress on his neck by pulling to the side, this handy training tool corrects while keeping the spine in line by pulling down the nose so he can not move forward, much like the reins of your horse controls his forward motion by pulling down his nose.

Slide the figure 8 shaped leather over his nose and neck, snap on your leash and walk like you are a master trainer. No buckles mean that both older and younger hands don’t have trouble putting it on the dog.

Key features:

  • ½” leather loop with snap attachment for the collar.
  • Can be had in any available leather color.
  • Instructional video available to see how to put it on the dog.

Check out the attached video for instructions on putting on the SLIP N GO.