SLIP N GO Head Halter

The Slip N Go is a terrific, no buckle, head halter style training tool. The Slip N Go is adjustable, easy to install and corrects from the back of the neck to alleviate any cervical spine issues.most popular

Leather, Hydro and Vegan Leather for Dogs,

Leather Leashes, Hydro Leashes, Vegan Leather, Training and Multiple Dogs Leashes 

Light weight, durable and easy to read
Charms, Bear Bells and Keychains and other Accessories

Leather & Suede Collars

Harnesses, Muzzles, Slip-n-Go and Martingales
Every piece is crafted by hand in Montreal, Canada.
With love, since 1996
Let our unique decorations help you express yourself!
Customize any collar or leash with your order.
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About Hot Dogs All Dressed
We are a small shop that takes pride in hand crafting your accessories to give you quality pet products while having a little fun. From classic to contemporary, urban to country, we make a durable, practical, and fashionable product that you will cherish.
We’ve been manufacturing here in Montreal, Canada since 1996. Over the years, we've tried to do our part by supporting our local rescue communities. By giving them collars, their dogs can be adopted with something pretty.
 A fresh start with a fresh collar.